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You are on the home page of the Metal Man Wiki, a wiki for everything related to the Metal Man series, which will start soon! Metal Man Series was initially created for English films, but was later changed. The series focuses on some heroes who have different powers, and face villains and stop them from trying to do bad things. The series also gives people the feeling of being able to overcome their fears,let them feel abled to face challenges and teaches different morals on how to be a better person!

This wiki, founded on August 12, 2021, features all kinds of information about the Metal Man characters, a television series, and more! To begin, click on any link on this page or "random page" in the navigation bar to get any of the pages!

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TV series

The First Battle (Part 1:System Of Controls)

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The Rock That Made Disasters

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The Ghost In The Highlands

Check out one of the episodes! (2/3)

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The Wielder Of Bows And Arrows

Check out one of the episodes! (3/3)

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Season 1, Episode 1 "System Of Controls"/"Glass Madness"/"Foggy Days" will premiere on
2021 on Youtube.
After having a check up with Dr.Willy , Metal Man makes himself a superhero,using his super powers to stop RoboSlicer only to find out he has to face 2 villains: Controller & Glass Man/Fog Man.
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